More shades of grey areas

Have you considered publishing your blog as a book? This is not something that had crossed my mind until now. This is a route that blogger/marketeer Seth Godin has taken. He regularly publishes content from his website in book form. People apparently want web content for free but are willing to pay for the same content in books.  (more…)

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Shades of grey areas

Fifty Shades of Grey by EL James started out as an e-book, a colleague told me recently. He knows this only too well. “Can you write female erotica,” his agent had just asked him. He can’t. He writes non-fiction. His wife would never speak to him again… (more…)

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Empty nest syndrome

I’m at a loose end. The first readthrough with the entire cast and director went extremely well on Saturday. “You’ve sharpened up the script,” they said. They could only pick out one groan gag which I need to freshen up and add in a couple more gags elsewhere. Hahaha (me laughing at my own jokes), or was it more hehehair (evil Bond villain laugh).

Then I said: “So when do you want the final script by?” The response was not what I was expecting. (more…)

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Vote for your favourite Martini Bond cartoon

I’ve asked cartoonist Judy Walker to produce an image for the cover of the book Martini Bond, which I hope to self-publish. We thought it might be fun – and helpful – to run a vote on which cartoon you all like best. The one that stands out, catches your eye, makes you want to buy the book! Please take part in this short poll.

Martini Bond with gunMartini Bond without gunMartini Bond brunette hair

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Secret agent

While my second draft is festering in my drawer, I mean awaiting more feedback, I whiled away the time by looking into self-publishing versus finding an agent. My head is full of grand ideas to publish my play. I haven’t really gone beyond that and thought about whether anyone would actually want to buy it. Then of course I stumble across the sites that tell me you can self-publish, but frankly you probably won’t sell many copies. And it will all cost you money. (more…)

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