War games

Having the family read through the second draft of Martini Bond was always going to be a drama. I just hadn’t realised how much of a warm-up we’d have before the reading. Mum and Dad had been left in charge of their nine-year-old grandson (my nephew) in the swimming pool. Mum and I had found him playing under the water in a jacuzzi.¬†Of course, the fear of god was put into him with the tale of a girl who got her hair trapped in a grille and almost drowned. (more…)

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Britons got talent

Made a breakthrough today with the rewriting, largely because some friends cancelled meeting for lunch. That meant I had to stop avoiding my avoidance mode. Suddenly I was forced to use my free time effectively and start looking at all the feedback on the first draft of Martini Bond. (more…)

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