Secret agent

While my second draft is festering in my drawer, I mean awaiting more feedback, I whiled away the time by looking into self-publishing versus finding an agent. My head is full of grand ideas to publish my play. I haven’t really gone beyond that and thought about whether anyone would actually want to buy it. Then of course I stumble across the sites that tell me you can self-publish, but frankly you probably won’t sell many copies. And it will all cost you money. (more…)

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War games

Having the family read through the second draft of Martini Bond was always going to be a drama. I just hadn’t realised how much of a warm-up we’d have before the reading. Mum and Dad had been left in charge of their nine-year-old grandson (my nephew) in the swimming pool. Mum and I had found him playing under the water in a jacuzzi. Of course, the fear of god was put into him with the tale of a girl who got her hair trapped in a grille and almost drowned. (more…)

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Family dramatics

Feeling very chuffed with myself. Have spent four hours at the computer today – completely focused on re-writing, sanding down, and fine tuning my second draft. Ready, of course, for further  readings, feedback and honing of the future third draft. I broke the “creative funk”, as chronicled in  The Uninspired Chronicles, because my family have demanded sight of the script. And let’s face it, there is nothing more terrifying than that. (more…)

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Sanding down to a fine prose

Ok, so I’m really about to crack on with the second draft of Martini Bond: Her hunt for the spy who loved her mum. First, though, I spent the morning having a lay-in, cleaning out cupboards (totally unnecessary), and chatting to the neighbour before he goes off to Iraq (apparently the bar in the compound in Baghdad is called Incoming – perhaps I could use that? But then, maybe I just have). (more…)

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Rejection is hard to take

OK. So we’ve just found out that our venue application for the Camden Fringe Festival has been rejected. And this is from the theatre that thought the Martini Bond synopsis was “interesting”. What’s that about building you up only to knock you down? Now I’m sounding bitter – or is that just plain grumpy?

Onwards and upwards though. So we plough on with a second application. But now time is running against us. All applications have to be in by the end of March. The festival organisers had told us that the sooner you applied, the better chance you stood of being accepted. They just seem to have left out that the venues can pick and choose, then let you down at the last minute.

Oh, and how they let you down. “It looks like a great show, so I hope you’re able to find another home for it,” the rejection said. Great? Great! How grating.

We’re determined to find a venue, though. We will not be beaten. After all, who was it that said all the world’s a stage … perhaps a pavement will have to do.

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Funny business

Had the first readthrough tonight of Martini Bond. It’s good that the actors still want to do the play. (Phew.) It’s bad that every page needs a joke (I thought I had that); characters’ voices need work to differentiate them (ok, I’ll give that one); more twists (well, one twist would be good…)

The feedback was valuable, honest and alcohol laden. But – ohmigod – I now have another deadline to meet for the second draft. Oh yeah, I also need bigger and better gags. Had I mentioned that? Still, the play’s going to be good. Definitely. And funny. Really funny, once we’ve finished the serious business of writing and honing. Talking of which, the script editor couldn’t make tonight so his advice is yet to come …

Meanwhile, I’m still trying not to panic about no news regarding a venue. After all a brilliant play is no good without a stage and audience.

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Killing time

Just finished the first draft of the comedy Martini Bond. Awaiting feedback from the script editor. In the meantime, I’ll check out his latest play The Time Traveller’s Mother. Go to:

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A royal performance

Check out this new play which is part of a RSC project to celebrate amateur theatre and re-forge the bond with the world of professional theatre. Actress Julia Collier, who will star in Martini Bond for the Camden Fringe, is playing the Queen in War of the Waleses as part of the RSC Open Stages 2012. The show is on at the Lion and Unicorn Theatre, Kentish Town Tues 10th – Saturday 14th April at 7.30. For more information, go to:

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Don’t panic

We are still waiting to hear whether we have a venue for the Camden Fringe Festival. We were sent an email that told us: “If you’ve not had an offer from your venue(s) yet please don’t panic”. It’s hard not to…

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