Would you write your own reviews?

Not getting any reviews? Write your own online! Even have a conversation with yourself online, using fake names to build a media buzz and say things like: “One of the most talented authors of today…” (more…)

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Pour yourself a Martini and stream in for Bond

Live streaming Martini Bond, Skyping to an independent film house in Cape Town in a live link-up while swigging Martinis… These were some of the ideas I discussed at the weekend with the creative producer of The Broadway, Barking. And I’m keeping my Goldfingers crossed they all come off for this fantastic multimedia event.


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Home alone

Being a writer can be solitary job – and you can end up shutting yourself away from the world. Author Howard Jacobson told the Sunday Times Magazine just that this weekend – he liked to shut himself away to write. This sent a shudder down my spine because it was a little too close to home. (more…)

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Pre-results nerves: we all want A stars

“I’m more nervous about your play than I am about my daughter’s A-level results,” my friend emailed me. Her daughter can always retake her A-levels. And I can always rewrite the play. But that’s not the point. All of us – students and budding playwrights alike – want to get it right first time and score As (or should that be A stars?). (more…)

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The Olympic effect on Team MB

So Danny Boyle got the queen to be a Bond girl. Fantastic. So funny. Queen parachutes (wasn’t she pushed?) out of helicopter into the Olympic Games. Ohmygod. I’m going to have to rewrite the beginning of Martini Bond (MB). (more…)

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Olympic challenge for theatre ticket sales

I’d heard anecdotally that theatre ticket sales could be hit because of the Olympics in London. West End sales were down on this time last year, I was told darkly. After all, the thinking goes, people have come to watch sport, not take part in the sport of getting on the Tube in rush hour. (more…)

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Sounding off

It was terrible. The sound on the video didn’t work, Helen Niland, the director, was telling me after I’d just been to see her latest show Conference Call at the Ecetera Theatre in Camden. Still the night before had been even worse: the sound man hadn’t turned up because he’d had to work late. But with a mixture of downloads and some home-made sounds, the show had gone on. (more…)

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It’s getting messy …

“No more rewrites please! … My script is in a terrible mess,” that was the plea from one of the cast after another had asked for some changes. “Just noticed you have changed some lines in the last scene.  I am learning this scene now so I hope this isn’t going to change any more?” That was the plea from the actor who had, er, asked for the changes in the first place. (more…)

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For once, men are the bit players

“I gave up acting in my 30s. The parts were getting harder to find,” my cousin’s wife was telling me at a family party. She had enjoyed a successful acting career, taking her from regional theatres in the UK to TV roles, including a part in the TV comedy Only Fools and Horses. But she was echoing a sentiment that I had read on Facebook and in the Guardian newspaper in the same week. (more…)

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Martini Bond’s big break

I noticed that something had gone into my junk mail box. And I always, I mean ALWAYS, check my junk mail. Because one day there won’t be that spam from Nigeria demanding money because your friend has purportedly been held up at gun-point. No, one day it will be your BIG BREAK. And it will be sitting in your junk mail box, ready for auto-deletion. (more…)

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