Camden Fringe: it’s all sex, spies and streaming

We’re back to putting ourselves on the line with comedy writing and performing. Julia Collier, Clare Jones (no relation) and I have spent the past few months collaborating – some may say arguing – over who gets to write what. And we’ve just about got our show ready for the next stage – rehearsals!

And tickets have gone on sale this week. So if you’re in London town over the summer, the Camden Fringe is the place to be and drop in on our topical sketch show: Sex, Spies and Streaming.

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Martini Bond prepares for Manchester Pride

It’s all systems go again. Rehearsals are starting up, or rather the schedule for rehearsals is … most of the cast are on holiday. But if they’re not worried, I’m not worried about Martini Bond’s next outing (no pun intended…) at Manchester Pride festival in August. (more…)

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Short Story Competition Advice by Iain Pattison

Iain Pattison, who gave me a lot of comedy/editing advice on Martini Bond, has some helpful tips for anyone entering writing competitions this summer…

Sally Jenkins

Iain Pattison is a successful short story writer, frequent competition judge and a writing tutor.Iain Pattison

He has kindly agreed to share some of his wisdom with us today. He is pleading for more humour and less heartbreak in your competition entries:

You know, sometimes I think judging short story competitions should come with a health warning. Not that it’s dangerous – well, not if you can run fast enough from those who haven’t won – but more because of the awful things it can do to your state of mind.

It’s always the same. Each time a big envelope of entries drops through my letter box I grin insanely knowing I’m in for a reading feast. But then, moments later, I remember that  95% of them will be stories of angst, despair, betrayal, abuse, regret, anger and disappointment and I gulp and wonder if my poor ragged nerves will stand…

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Secret agent

While my second draft is festering in my drawer, I mean awaiting more feedback, I whiled away the time by looking into self-publishing versus finding an agent. My head is full of grand ideas to publish my play. I haven’t really gone beyond that and thought about whether anyone would actually want to buy it. Then of course I stumble across the sites that tell me you can self-publish, but frankly you probably won’t sell many copies. And it will all cost you money. (more…)

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Britons got talent

Made a breakthrough today with the rewriting, largely because some friends cancelled meeting for lunch. That meant I had to stop avoiding my avoidance mode. Suddenly I was forced to use my free time effectively and start looking at all the feedback on the first draft of Martini Bond. (more…)

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Veni, Vidi, Venu-ed

We are still hunting for a venue for the Camden Fringe Festival. Our latest preferred venue – a great theatre above a London pub – has told us that they will announce their programme in April. The only trouble is that will be too late for us to apply for more Camden venues…The application process ends next week. (more…)

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