Taxing time for Amazon et al – and me

Amazon, Google and Starbucks are not paying enough corporation tax in the UK. That was the excuse I needed to stop surfing the net about how to publish your ebook through Kindle Direct Publishing – an Amazon service. The coffee I could buy from Costa – a company that does pay their way. (more…)

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How much would you pay for an ebook?

Ebooks cost third more than hardbacks‘, the Sunday Times headline said this weekend. Apparently, we are paying a third more for popular ebooks than the hardback versions.

The Casual Vacancy, the latest novel by JK Rowling, costs £11.99 for the Kindle but only £9 for the hardback from Amazon, after a discount of £11 on the publisher’s list price, the Sunday Times found.

Could I get as much as JK Rowling for an ebook? OK, you know I know the answer really…



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Would you write your own reviews?

Not getting any reviews? Write your own online! Even have a conversation with yourself online, using fake names to build a media buzz and say things like: “One of the most talented authors of today…” (more…)

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Hollywood’s next…the one in Stockport

Martini Bond got its first review. OK, so a few of my journalist colleagues were in the audience and could see I was a bit down when the two reviewers didn’t turn up. So one or two offered to write something – independently I must stress – and submit to one or two websites – independent of their workplaces I must stress. (more…)

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Bond villains’ pets…and meerkats

“We want to replace the meerkat with a plant,” the voice down the end of the phone said.

“What? WHAT?” My mind went blank. A member of the cast was asking for a minor script change. But I couldn’t think straight. Words failed me. The room swirled around me as I decided it was really best not to explode. (more…)

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Awards ceremonies: And the best newcomer is…

There is some debate about the merit of awards for fellow bloggers. But for us newbies, they are a great way of helping your blog reach those parts – or people – that, well, your blog isn’t reaching yet. As well as giving you something to write about. OK, I’ve got lots of things to write about, such as where to buy a meerkat toy (that’s a toy that looks like a meerkat, not a toy for a meerkat…we need it for a prop), but I’ve also found quite a few new blogs so I thought well, why not? (more…)

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Will Social Media Kill My Writing?

Following on from asking you all how often you blog, I think this piece touches on similar issues and is worth a read if you haven’t already seen the original


Now that’s a provocative title, don’t you think? That’s not what you usually see on this blog. I’ll look at this question from two perspectives that are totally my own: the time suck that is social media and its role in a writer’s marketing.

The Time Suck

Everyone knows social media is time-consuming. And the more outlets you use, the more time you spend with them. Now, most writers work and have family and friends who shouldn’t be ignored. That’s been true for centuries. The responsibilities and pleasures of those major life commitments leave limited time for other endeavors. Still, writers traditionally found ways to balance time between the non-writing and writing sides of life.

But in today’s world, more time is spent at work. With cell phones and internet, are you totally free from work responsibilities? The 8-hour day is a myth for many. And if you have children, every generation since the 1950s has been presented with more extracurricular activities than the ones…

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How often should you blog?

How often do you blog? That’s what I would like to know from all my fellow bloggers. Ok, I’ve looked at many blogs – and they range from daily to monthly – and I’ve read the WordPress recommendations, but what do you actually do? (more…)

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Guide to self-publishing

I wasn’t necessarily going to blog today but then I saw this: A 10-step guide to becoming a self-publishing ebook star in the Guardian newspaper.

Worth a read. But here’s the speed read if you have no time:

Be your own editor/designer/marketeer.

Work hard.

Have your own website (although the other day I read that websites were old news, what you need is a blog and Facebook…)

Preferably write romance – these authors sell 170% more than their peers.

Check out Copyblogger.

Oh, and have lots of luck. (more…)

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