Lose the shoes for a great party

This is a bit of a cheat this week. I loved Onthehomefont’s blog on Do you need shoes to be party hardy? – ie does taking your shoes off mean your party is, well, BORING. This was a little too close to home, what with the party season coming up and I’d just emailed the following invite:

We have moved into temporary accommodation – the servants quarters/writers’ garret/franklytooexpensiveforus – a posh pad that overlooks the skyline of London and has a garden the size of a park.

Park your friends outside if they want to wear shoes on cream carpets…

Come and enjoy the views along with a few Christmas drinks…erm, no shoes, no red wine, no spillages…ok if you want to wear shoes, drink red wine and spill stuff stay in the kitchen. Or the park. Or write us a cheque. On second thoughts give us cash. Other than that, come and RELAX!!!

Please RSVP so we know how many packets of crisps to buy.

You see we’ve just moved into a rental property where the carpets are cream and lush…I love parties. But hate the clearing up. And this isn’t our place to destroy. But the place we’re trying to buy is perfect party material – it’s stuck in the 1960s and needs a bit of tender loving care. We can throw a party there and everyone can turn up in muddy walking shoes for all we care.

Still, here’s the conundrum, is it bad manners to ask your party-loving friends to take their shoes off before having a good time? And if you do this, does it mean you are STIFF PARTY BORES? Slightly worried because no one has said they are coming …

So where do you stand on the shoes on/off at parties?

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  1. Hanne B replied:

    I prefer people leave on their shoes….yuck sweaty feet on the carpet.

    • WomanBitesDog replied:

      Sweaty feet – they certainly will have those with our underfloor heating…

  2. on thehomefrontandbeyond replied:

    forewarned I would love to come–I will just don my best fuzzy socks and make sure they have no holes–is it ironic that I am sending an RSVP when I have not been invited?

    • WomanBitesDog replied:

      I’d love to see your fuzzy socks – but unfortunately this is not a bleet up or mog up – or whatever the word is for meeting blogging friends in very crowded places with a security swat team in the background…

  3. jmmcdowell replied:

    I think real friends would understand your position. Of course, I’m someone who’s most comfortable with a nice pair of socks and no shoes. So leaving the heels at the door would suit me fine.

  4. Missus Tribble replied:

    Personally I respect the wishes of the host if I’m visiting someone else’s home.

    Also, I’m nominating you for the 2012 Blog Of The Year award. Please stop by my blog at http://rosewinelover.com/2012/11/22/blog-of-the-year-2012-award/ for “the rules” and congratulations! 😀

  5. robincoyle replied:

    I don’t mind taking my shoes off when requested. Heck, they would probably come off anyway. I can’t do cute party heels anymore. Old age, and whatnot.

    • WomanBitesDog replied:

      Exactly. I’ve always struggled in heels myself – at any age!

  6. kateshrewsday replied:

    I think anyone worth their salt would understand your position completely. If the conversation’s good you don’t need shoes.

  7. Val replied:

    Have a doormat for people to wipe their feet and if necessary put a dust sheet on the carpet! Or… roll up the carpet? (Or is it fitted?) Or… I dunno.

    Our bathroom has… er had… a white carpet when we moved here. Stupido, yeah? It’s not white anymore…

    • WomanBitesDog replied:

      It was fine. Everyone took their shoes off. Even if it made them much smaller. But they were still glam and dazzled all night!

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