No place like home

I’ve been fretting about not blogging. And about not writing. I thought by being silent on the net everyone would think I’d been busy writing my next big thing…The truth is, I couldn’t find  my computer, we had no internet connection and, ok, we moved house.

I now know why people don’t move very often. It’s because you can’t find anything for weeks, even your new home. I had to remind myself which way to go home – but not home, as in the place I had lived for 13 years.

Moving house boxes

OK, so that doesn’t look like books. Is wire useful?

I’d also – naively – thought we didn’t have to unpack too much in our new temporary home. We had to unpack everything. Everything. Shoes were buried in boxes marked “books”. My CDs were muddled up with his CDs. That’s if we could find them. I fretted for days about where the mop was (I never mop but I can mope).

And then of course we were cut off from the world because it took weeks, WEEKS, well a perhaps a week, to get broadband up and running.

Still, it gave me time to sit back and enjoy the view from the kitchen window – which looks out onto the skyline of London. This is home for now.

View of London

Squint and you can see the Shard

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  1. mskatykins replied:

    Lyndsey, don’t be too hard on yourself. You’ve just had a huge creative achievement and did you stay merrily pissed and enjoy it for ages? No, you did what is said to be one of the most stressful things in life. So don’t worry. Enjoy this new experience. The words, the inclination, the opportunity to get back on track writing wise will return soon enough. Good to have you back. 🙂

    • WomanBitesDog replied:

      RE: merrily pissed: am trying to dry out now…just before Christmas…

      • mskatykins replied:

        Ha ha ha ha! Don’t do that… lol! 😉

  2. jotsfromasmallapt replied:

    You have a pretty glorious view of….just about everything! Cheers…..

  3. Carrie Rubin replied:

    Ah, yes, the stress of moving and the stress of being away from the Internet. On some levels, however, that must have been a bit refreshing. 🙂 Welcome back!

    • WomanBitesDog replied:

      It was stress city – I hadn’t intended to be away from the internet…so the break was a bit odd!

  4. jmmcdowell replied:

    Yikes, my computer would have stayed with my person! Withdrawal symptom would have been terrible otherwise! Moving is a complete pain in the behind and everywhere else. It’s often worth it in the long run, but in the short term? Where’s that bottle of wine….!

    • WomanBitesDog replied:

      Re: computer – good idea. Wine – you’re talking my language…

  5. sharpword replied:

    You caught me with your Blog title “Woman bites dog” LOL Our local RCMP inspector got onto all fours ‘in uniform,’ and bit My x wife’s ankle because her mom’s dog had bitten him! lol Have fun blogging or writing whichever you chose to do. 🙂

  6. robincoyle replied:

    I was forced to take a break from blogging for about 2 months. It stressed me out too, but really? The break was nice.

    • WomanBitesDog replied:

      Yes, it gives you time to gain a bit of perspective and work out what you’re trying to do with it!

  7. kateshrewsday replied:

    That is a very beautiful view! Hope everything settles down into some kind of routine. Moving can be so disorienting.

  8. Val replied:

    Hopefully you feel better about all this by now. We had no ‘net connection for a while when we moved and I got used to it. What I couldn’t get used to was that I’d put all my books in storage. Despite the fact that I love the internet (and my blog, now) I missed books far more.

    • WomanBitesDog replied:

      I can’t find my books and it disturbs me! Thanks for your comment. It helps!

  9. Katie replied:

    I was reading along, sympathizing about how difficult/stressful/yucky moving is, but found myself aghast at the CD situation. CDs co-mingling in one box?! His and hers? Yours and mine? That would be a deal breaker in this house! However, your view, at least for now, is fabulous!

    • WomanBitesDog replied:

      We’ve since unmingled the CDs! Still haven’t found them all.

  10. cravesadventure replied:

    Moving is not FUN! Mr. Craves and I recently moved a 3-bedroom house in a day and a half – do not recommend – and who knows where the heck anything is packed – ha! Then Mr. Craves was climbing the walls due to Internet and Dish taking almost a month to get set up. Congrats:)

  11. masodo replied:

    I am amazed that – in my 50+ years on the planet – that photograph of your view from the kitchen is the very first picture of the London skyline I have ever seen. London needs to get out more 😀
    Thanks for that, WomanBitesDog!

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