The show’s over … for now

‘The camera’s gone down…someone’s trod on the cable.’ We were meant to be going live with the streaming on Friday in 15 minutes. I was sitting in the lighting box ready to make a Skype call to Cape Town where a James Bond party had been organised in an independent film studio to watch Martini Bond in London…

Bond and Martinis in Cape Town

Bond and Martinis in Cape Town

Skype wouldn’t make the connection at first – but then we got through. And saw a fab party – with glitter, guns and cocktails. Thank you Cape Town and Siobhan Cassidy and Shaun Conway for making it happen. The camera was also fixed but, unfortunately, the connection then went down for several minutes, so some of the start of the show was missed and others could not get past the paywall.

But here was Cape Town’s reaction:

We had a fun night and managed to see some of the show. It was kind of a pity that it took so long to get online properly… But, hey, it was the first time, next time will be better and we certainly were inspired to have a different party.

Then Saturday night was brilliant. The streaming worked. Here’s the evidence:

Martini Bond is on stream

Martini Bond is on stream

And the reaction from France:

‘I loved the play. A perfect Saturday night’.

It shows it can be done. Hopefully, this will be a way that struggling theatres can start to build audiences who are willing to pay online to see plays.

Oh, and we had good numbers for the live audience too. Now we’re resting. Until the Manchester dates and possibly Edinburgh fringe festival next year.

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  1. Carrie Rubin replied:

    I always admire this type of innovation. What a great way to bring plays to those who live nowhere near a stage.

    • WomanBitesDog replied:

      That’s what I thought – or at least nowhere near the actual venue – ie you hope the local audience will still attend, otherwise you may as well be in a film studio…

  2. 4amWriter replied:

    This is a really neat, creative solution. We’re not going to the theater, the theater is coming to us! 🙂

  3. jmmcdowell replied:

    Sorry to hear about the glitches, but I guess those are part of the growing pains of new technology. I think the potential for a wider audience is high, especially for smaller productions that may not travel far from the home base.

  4. Karen J replied:

    What a delightful innovation!
    I was drawn over here by the description of “Martini Bond” in your Gravatar bio – and wondering how the show went? Guess it was a rollicking success, Yes? yay!

    (via Kate Shrewsday, from Spirit Lights The Way, with a side-trip through Google Images Search!:) )

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