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So Martini Bond at Camden Fringe has had its thee-night run. And it turns out it is one of the best-selling shows at the fringe this year – but I’m waiting to find out the actual figures to see exactly how well it has done. But by the audience reaction: it was a resounding success. Well, I would say that, wouldn’t I?

Unfortunately, the two reviewers I was expecting failed to attend. These things happen. So here are some tweets from fellow journalists – all writing in a personal capacity – who bought tickets to see the show:

@lizhannam (ITV Central’s Head of News): ” Oh oh Heaven – great night at Martini Bond with old friends.”

@jackieburdon (Switchover Help Scheme Head of Commuications): “Greatly entertained at sold out Martini Bond…”

@littlemogwai (Journalist): “Very entertaining – lots of newsy gags. Love to see more plays from @Lyndsey129”

@jeconlon (FT Chief Production Journalist in London): “Go see 007 spoof, Martini Bond, at Barking [the Broadway] Theatre soon. Saw it in Camden last night. Great fun. Cunning linguist indeed!”

Martini Bond programme: mostly used as fans because not only the show was hot, but the venue was too. It was 30 degrees

I also had great support from fellow acts:

@AmadeusMartin: “My shows are finished and went swell – thank you! All the best with your Martini Bond”

@fifteenpercent2: “Glad to see Martini Bond has done so well. Where’s the next outing?”

And some responses from members of the audience:

“Many chortles from us. Franken-Pennypincher was my favourite.”

“It was brilliant. To be able to make people smile and then laugh out loud like that is a real talent, so keep going for it, girl! Well done, we are now officially in your (crazy) fan club.”

“Your play was great! I especially loved the Villain, who was ACE. And the sound engineer was tops. You must be really chuffed!”

As well as good wishes from Judith Walker, the cartoonist who supplied some additonal joke material and did the illustration promoting the show:

@judith_walker1: “Great show and got a free sauna too.”

The show’s over for now. But Bond will be back – September 20 to 23 and it will be live streamed too.


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  1. Pauline Guerin replied:

    It was a fab night out Lyndsey, the play was brilliant, the gags were genuinely funny, the groan-inducing references to Bond movies were brilliantly groan-inducing. The heat was stifling and a bit of a shame, but didn’t detract from the fun. My personal favourite was the props man whose rendition of a bottom-thumping speed boat ride was just priceless.

  2. Ignorethebucklesonmyjacket replied:

    Congratulations. Take a breath….and a bow.

  3. valeriedavies replied:

    Congratulations. Sounds great, and I expect you’re on a high.

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