Rehearsal diet

Five days to go to the show, Martini Bond, and now the cast are doing run throughs. At the weekend, I’d gone along on the pretext of helping out, but it was really to keep a beady eye on the script…only what I hadn’t bargained for was no lunch. Twelve Rich Tea biscuits later I was feeling a bit sick.

The cast, meanwhile, had all come prepared with lovely pasta salads and healthy meals. So I helped myself to a chocolate biscuit to vary my diet a bit and thought it may help me to focus on the script and give them their prompts. “Lyndsey looks like she’s about to throw herself out of the window,” one of the actors said. OK, OK, it’s not the acting that’s making me feel that way. I need some lunch!

Then someone suggested the pub. It was 6pm. My god, was that the time? How did that happen? So I added some crisps and wine into what was turning out to be an unusual eating day.

Still, the sound was laid down. The play was coming together. It was still funny – now that’s something after months, MONTHS, of work. And we had been listed in the Guardian newspaper’s The Guide. Inbetween Mamma Mia and Maltilda the musical.

We’re inbetween a couple of major shows in the West End

If that doesn’t shift some more tickets, I don’t know what will. Well, maybe I do. One of the cast admitted to handing out our leaflets to random blokes on the Tube. Oh well, if it sells tickets…I’m not complaining.

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  1. jmmcdowell replied:

    You need to eat some real food to build the strength for opening night!

  2. Gina replied:

    I am finding the run up to your show more stressful than waiting for my daughter’s A level results! Brilliant that it’s listed in a national newspaper. You’ve put so much effort in to it that I’m sure if he have a word with Lord Coe he’ll give you a gold medal. And I feel very lucky to have 2 tickets to Martini Bind and the paralympics in the same month! Can’t wait. Break a leg!

    • WomanBitesDog replied:

      Thanks. My hands are sweating as I’m typing this. Beginning to break out in a mild panic. Can panic be mild? Does anyone, ANYONE, know where we can get red confetti?

  3. valeriedavies replied:

    I’d love to see this play… hope it gets to the South Bank or is it National Theatre so they put it on film for the likes of me in the Antipodes
    best wishes…

    • WomanBitesDog replied:

      Hi Valerie. Guess what? This play is going to be live streamed on September 20 to 23. Will write about the live streaming once this play is out of the way this week. It’s all a bit mad. Thanks for your comment. If yo do watch it live online, I would love to know what the experience was like.

      • valeriedavies replied:

        send me the details when its due… how exciting – congratulations

  4. Pauline Guerin replied:

    hey Lyndsey, Mr Goat and I would like two tickets for Friday’s performance, how do we get them, where are they on sale! do you have any left?

    • WomanBitesDog replied:

      Jesus – you need to book. Will email the details or click on the Martini Bond cartoon- that should take you to Ticketweb for Camden Fringe but do not delay. friday tickets also going fast now.

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