Will anyone like my Facebook page?

I’ve recently set up a Facebook page for WomanBitesDog because I thought I should experiment and see whether it was effective in connecting with any potential audience or anyone who likes comedy. But now, of course, I just see 5 likes and panic. (more…)

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Home alone

Being a writer can be solitary job – and you can end up shutting yourself away from the world. Author Howard Jacobson told the Sunday Times Magazine just that this weekend – he liked to shut himself away to write. This sent a shudder down my spine because it was a little too close to home. (more…)

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Hollywood’s next…the one in Stockport

Martini Bond got its first review. OK, so a few of my journalist colleagues were in the audience and could see I was a bit down when the two reviewers didn’t turn up. So one or two offered to write something – independently I must stress – and submit to one or two websites – independent of their workplaces I must stress. (more…)

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Tweets are a treat

So Martini Bond at Camden Fringe has had its thee-night run. And it turns out it is one of the best-selling shows at the fringe this year – but I’m waiting to find out the actual figures to see exactly how well it has done. But by the audience reaction: it was a resounding success. Well, I would say that, wouldn’t I? (more…)

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Pre-results nerves: we all want A stars

“I’m more nervous about your play than I am about my daughter’s A-level results,” my friend emailed me. Her daughter can always retake her A-levels. And I can always rewrite the play. But that’s not the point. All of us – students and budding playwrights alike – want to get it right first time and score As (or should that be A stars?). (more…)

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Rehearsal diet

Five days to go to the show, Martini Bond, and now the cast are doing run throughs. At the weekend, I’d gone along on the pretext of helping out, but it was really to keep a beady eye on the script…only what I hadn’t bargained for was no lunch. Twelve Rich Tea biscuits later I was feeling a bit sick. (more…)

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Sporting gods of empty seats and dark arts

The stress levels are beginning to rise. We have one week to go until the show opens. We’re on the front page CommanderBond website, who told me their rivals, MI6, have also published an article on Martini Bond. The publicity is going well but tickets still need to be sold. (more…)

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I’m a celebrity…where are the paps?

“You’re a local celebrity,” my friend emailed me. “Be careful you’ll get papped!”

Turns out one of my press releases had made it into a local paper, the Wimbledon Guardian. And my photo is almost as big as Jason Donovan’s… (more…)

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My Olympic marathon to get publicity

Only on Sunday I was moaning to one of the cast that despite being a journalist, and knowing how the press works, I was failing miserably to get any kind of coverage for Martini Bond. After all, there is no such thing as bad publicity, right? Then on Monday, a reporter from the Camden New Journal rang. (more…)

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