Will Social Media Kill My Writing?

Following on from asking you all how often you blog, I think this piece touches on similar issues and is worth a read if you haven’t already seen the original


Now that’s a provocative title, don’t you think? That’s not what you usually see on this blog. I’ll look at this question from two perspectives that are totally my own: the time suck that is social media and its role in a writer’s marketing.

The Time Suck

Everyone knows social media is time-consuming. And the more outlets you use, the more time you spend with them. Now, most writers work and have family and friends who shouldn’t be ignored. That’s been true for centuries. The responsibilities and pleasures of those major life commitments leave limited time for other endeavors. Still, writers traditionally found ways to balance time between the non-writing and writing sides of life.

But in today’s world, more time is spent at work. With cell phones and internet, are you totally free from work responsibilities? The 8-hour day is a myth for many. And if you have children, every generation since the 1950s has been presented with more extracurricular activities than the ones…

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  1. crubin replied:

    I agree–this was a great post by JM. Thanks for reblogging it for others to catch, too.

  2. 4amWriter replied:

    Haha, yes! JM hit the nail on the head with this one. Great idea to reblog.

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