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I’ve visited a very interesting blog, 4am writer, where there is a writing exercise that bloggers are taking part in. I loved it so much I wanted to join in. The rules on 4am writer’s website are as follows: Open your novel-in-progress at page 77, go to line 7 and copy the next 7 lines, sentences or paragraphs as they are written. Oh, and then tag 7 new writers. The problem for me is that my play-in-progress is only 41 pages. So I thought perhaps I could do 50-50. Halve 77, roughly page 38, go to line 3 or 4, write the next few lines.

But if I did that I would be giving the ending away… so I’ve edited out a few giveaways. But hopefully it still roughly works:


FRANKEN von BANKEN (still tied up but wig dishevelled): She as gone for a svim. Viz ze little fishes.

BOND: Franken? You don’t mean …  you’ve killed her?

FRANKEN: No, ow could I, like zis? I mean she is svimming viz ze fish.

BOND: Oh I see? (Bond looks out to sea and waves at Suzi) Still swimming with her bazookas then, eh Franken? (Bond sees wig has fallen askew) FRANKEN?


BOND: Hang on a minute. (Bond pulls off wig to reveal …)

Hope you liked that! I’m also fairly new to blogging so I don’t know that many new writers yet. So I can’t quite make 7 – yet. If I’ve tagged you, please don’t feel obliged to join in – and apologies if you are not a new writer, but I hope you all enjoy it anyway.

Nancy Lauzon

The Uninspired Chronicles

The Write Transition

Tommy Scouse

Norfolk Novelist

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  1. crubin replied:

    Thanks for the tag! While I’ve already done the Lucky 7 Meme, it’s always a treat to be recognized. And I loved your entry. Now I will be talking like zis today…

    • WomanBitesDog replied:

      Hi Carrie
      I thought you might have done it – but thanks anyway. I’m new to making blogging friends – and this meme just seemed too good to resist.

  2. riatarded replied:

    haha this is fun! boy oh boy! I am so honored that you tagged me!

    Pulls off wig to reveal….? a bald shiny head or a cool gadget? :p LOL

    • WomanBitesDog replied:

      Yes, it’s a great thing to do! I’m afraid I had to edit out what is revealed because the show will be on in Camden, London. But as an exercise I was surprised that the page was a cliffhanger! Have you got a story you can try it on?

      • riatarded replied:

        Yes! But my novel is still only done till page 100 🙂

        how much are you done with? It’s gonna be made into a TV series? WHOA! Awesome!

      • WomanBitesDog replied:

        I’m afraid it’s not a TV show! It’s a theatre show on at a comedy fringe festival in London this summer. Still, you never know about telly…By the way, page 100 is fine – you only have to look at page 77 to take part in the writing meme. Why not have a go?

  3. subtlekate replied:

    What a fantastic idea 🙂

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