Family dramatics

Feeling very chuffed with myself. Have spent four hours at the computer today – completely focused on re-writing, sanding down, and fine tuning my second draft. Ready, of course, for further  readings, feedback and honing of the future third draft. I broke the “creative funk”, as chronicled in  The Uninspired Chronicles, because my family have demanded sight of the script. And let’s face it, there is nothing more terrifying than that.

Not only that, they want to act it out over this Bank Holiday weekend. I think they think they may have a laugh. Or, perhaps more likely, a great big flaming row when they criticise my work. But I also think they think they are helping in some way.

And actually, they have helped. I couldn’t stand the thought of turning up to see my Mum without the script. It doesn’t matter that she’s possibly dyslexic and can’t read. It doesn’t matter that my nephew would rather be climbing trees. Nor that my niece would want to be out on her bike and texting her friends. Because now my script is almost ready to send back the script editor  … except, of course, it still needs some editing and a readthrough would help matters along.

So my family HAVE to read my play now, whether THEY LIKE IT OR NOT. After all, I’ve slaved away to meet their deadline. They are not indulging me. I have indulged them! One way or another, this weekend is going to be full of family drama.

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  1. riatarded replied:

    Good luck with the script! You could always get your blogging peers to review it:)

    Thank you for the pingback to my blog! Happy Easter and lots of love! x

    So it’s your family that helps you overcome your creative funk?:)

    • WomanBitesDog replied:

      Thanks for your message. My family have helped me get over the funk this time. Can’t say that will always be the case!

  2. Pauline Guerin replied:

    Go for it Lyndsey, you have inspired me to keep going on my book, no matter how hard it has been or will be to get it completed. I’m not going to give up.

    p.s. can Goat and I have some tickets to come see your play? where do we get them.


    • WomanBitesDog replied:

      I’m so glad you are inspired to keep working on your book. Stick at it – it is the only way! And let the blogosphere know how it is going.

      I’ll also let you know about how to get tickets to the play as soon as it is all up and running.

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