Blood, sweat and fears

I’ve really cracked on with the second draft now. A few days off work helps to focus the mind – as well as re-reading the deadline I committed too: April 14 – or was that the 26? Writing’s a bit illegible…Anyway, best to aim for 14. Gives me more time for the inevitable third draft … I’ve also gone into a mild panic, well perhaps a bit more than mild. My palms are sweaty and I’m feeling sick.

One of my new followers, author and fellow blogger Katballou, commented on my blog and mentioned the word ‘Reviews’. Reviews. Now I’m getting ahead of myself. But then, recently, I read a review of a play, which had been written by a UK national newspaper jounalist and performed at one of the Camden Fringe venues. The review was published in the Guardian newspaper. It was rather good. Which brought me out in a cold sweat. Because it dawned on me that my first play might actually be reviewed in the national press. If I’m lucky. Or unlucky. Depending on how the drafts turn out …

Feeling sick again. Think I’m caught in a vicious circle of sweating it out on my second draft and sweating away in sheer panic. This is no good. Perhaps I should just go and have a sauna. Then at least I can relax in my own sweat. After all I need a break since it looks like I’ve created my very own sweat shop: where I work long hours for no wages on a script that could be publicly panned. But, then again, the play could just work and all those words turn out to be no sweat at all.

April 6, 2012. Tags: , , , , , , , , . Comedy, Comedy writing, Humour, Publishing.

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