Putting the hard graft into a draft

A fellow fiction writer has told me that they are on their fourth draft of their thriller. And that they were reminded by a writing tutor that when they send it to an agent, that’s the agent’s first draft … The agent is likely to want more edits. And when they send it on to a publishing house, that’s the publisher’s first draft … and so the hard work goes on.

I have broken out in a horrible cold sweat just thinking about it. I’m only approaching my second draft … Note the word approaching. Yes, I haven’t quite reached my destination yet. I’m still on that personal journey of staring out the window, drinking heavily (see previous blog: Veni, Vidi, Venu-ed) and now considering taking up smoking – at least it gives you a screen break even if you haven’t technically started work yet. But maybe lung cancer’s too high a price to pay, so it’s back to the rewrite then. Or at least thinking or talking about the rewrite.

Talking about talking – I had a chat with a former Sun newspaper cartoonist, Judith Walker (See her work at www.judithwalker.co.uk. She currently has cartoons published in the New Humanist magazine). With my legs, arms and fingers crossed for luck, I asked her to help me tighten up the gags. She said yes! And she’s offered to design the book cover once I’ve actually got to the book stage…Great!

So armed now with feedback from the readthrough, the script editor and now (hopefully) tighter gags, there’s no stopping me on that rewrite … oh except the sun’s out and maybe I’ll just go for a walk first. You know, stimulate the grey cells into creativity. But perhaps the only thing I’m being creative about are my reasons not to sit down at the computer…Oh no, I feel that horrible cold sweat coming on, leaving my hands all clammy so I can’t possibly type any more.

March 29, 2012. Tags: , , , , , , . Comedy, Comedy writing, Humour.

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  1. Pauline Guerin replied:

    my neighbour is a uni professor who co-wrote a book with a colleague about three years ago, the agent/publisher practically re-wrote the whole bally thing, and the real rub is that, after having been promised publication over 18 months ago, …. it’s still not published!

    Keep at it and I’ll keep at mine as much as I can, one of us will make it (probably you!) x

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