Veni, Vidi, Venu-ed

We are still hunting for a venue for the Camden Fringe Festival. Our latest preferred venue – a great theatre above a London pub – has told us that they will announce their programme in April. The only trouble is that will be too late for us to apply for more Camden venues…The application process ends next week.

So there seems nothing for it but to apply to more venues by March 31. Just blitz the damn town. That’s the new strategy.

I thought the festival organisers might be able to help and sympathise with our plight. After all, their website says: “We do our best to help find a suitable performance slot for everyone who wants to perform at the Camden Fringe.” Sounds hopeful. A recent email from them went on: “We have a few more venues that might come on board at the last minute and we’ll try and find space for everyone once we know how things stand with all the venues.” Even more hopeful.

Then the killer blow: “But can’t promise anything.” So I rechecked their website. Surely there must be some small print about how they help struggling new comers onto the stage? (I use the term new comers loosely. The actors have performed for several years at the Camden Fringe; the script editor has had many plays put in London. I’m the only new comer in this troupe – and even then some of my sketches have been performed on the fringe circuit too.)

So back to the website: Not exactly small print. More large print under the Performers section: “If you apply to a few of the venues and none of them bite at the application you’ve sent in, why not try and find your own performance space in Camden?”

Hahaha. That’s funny. They are joking, right? Not only am I trying to write the most amazingly witty play ever – and, you know, that may take a lot of rewrites, I also work and have something akin to a life. But, hey, why not try and find your own venue too, especially if you find yourself in the situation of having been mass rejected?

Ohmigod. The reality is that that is what we will have to do if none of our applications are accepted. So I better get cracking and stop blogging, Facebooking and, er, now drinking. Heavily. After all, it helps to keep your spirits up – the blitz spirit…

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  1. Gina replied:

    Biting Dog Woman, fret not. A very good friend recently told me that you have to take risks to fulfill your dreams and another said ‘never make eye contact when eating a banana.’ Remember this when you are watching your 45th funny cat video on youtube instead of writing. I don’t know about Camden but there’s a lot of little local festivals, is it worth looking at other places?

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