Rewriting history

Write? Right. I keep avoiding doing the rewrite –  the second draft of my play Martini Bond: Her hunt for the spy who loved her mum.

I went along to a London writing group recently, and the advice there was to put your play away in a drawer for months, only to take it back out, throw it in the bin and then sit down and write the play it should be. The only problem is I don’t have months. I just about have weeks.

And I don’t have a bin. We have to recycle … uh-oh isn’t that rewriting? I keep telling myself I’m just following that advice – and not in avoidance mode…Oh, I also don’t really think it’s rubbish, especially if my script writer is to be believed.

“You’ve done an excellent job,” he wrote. Fabulous! “As a Bond afficiado myself, I’m pleased that you’ve been able to come up with a new slant on these iconic movies. Some great gags…”  – I should think so. I’ve had 100 published in the Times Educational Supplement – “… some groan gags…” – OK, I’ll cut those – “and some lovely references to the Bond movies, which are cleverly woven into your script,” he added. Fantastic! Don’t have to do much! “But I have a few thoughts/niggles…” F***.

Really though, fabu-tastic advice. Now I need someone to sit me down at my computer, make me stop blogging, Facebooking, staring out the window – and start the real work.

March 22, 2012. Tags: , , , , , , . Comedy writing, Humour.


  1. Pauline Guerin replied:

    lol, I know that feeling all too well, Facebook is so alluring, so tempting, so is selling stuff on Ebay, so much so that I do sit and stare at the screen at the inane comments of my fellow facebookers and do little in the way of writing. Apparently it’s the same with all writers, we all would do something; anything, according to Stewart Ferris, than write. Bizarre.

    Keep at it Lyndsey, one of us has to achieve success in writing and it may as well be you 🙂 x

  2. deanjbaker replied:

    looking forward to more

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